My Hero Academia

Some of my Favorite Characters!

Midoriya Izuku

Shinsou Hitoshi

Aizawa Shouta

Asui Tsuyu

Bakugou Katsuki

Todoroki Shouto

Uraraka Ochako


Season 6 Thoughts

Episode 7

Loved this episode! Aizawa loves his class 🥺 the way the water was made it look like he could have been crying. And Izuku and Bakugou jumped in to save him!
Shigaraki, from AFO's influence, called Izuku "Brother"!! I know they're not brothers, but the look they both had when he said that.
Poor Midnight :( I feel bad for her. I heard spoilers that she was going to die, but it's still hard to watch.
Momo's stepping up though, which is really nice! I'm glad her sort-of arc is continuing :) She's getting more confident, and becoming a leader.

Episode 6

I'm so excited to be able to rewatch this season, I want to now but I know I should hold off for a while.
Shigaraki is insanely powerful, and currently chasing after Izuku. It's interesting how the targets on the tracking quirk carried over! Shigaraki's the ultimate nomu now, with AFO and super-strength that's not based off of a quirk.
We got to see Toga too! After what happened to Twice I knew it was just a matter of time before she went on a murder spree. This is the first time we're seeing her properly kill, like I said for the other episodes, this season is not holding back it is very intense!
I loved the Pussycats office. Their chairs and monitors match their colors and have little cat ears on them! The whole place was just so cute 💕
We saw a lot of flashbacks this episode, not too many of course, but I'm really curious to see what will come of that. I'm really glad we're getting some stuff from season three, because that's one of my favorite seasons. It's nice to see the payoff for some of what happened!
It's a little strange how when Mr. Compress told Dabi about what happened to Twice, Dabi didn't say anything about it. Didn't mention he saw it happen, didn't mention it was Hawks who did it, I wonder why?

Episode 5

Loved this episode! So much happened :O Tokoyami rescued Hawks (And saw poor Twice's body), Shigaraki woke up and DESTROYED THE GENERAL AREA!!?! Like he destroyed SO MUCH so quickly!! Man seeing Crust turn to dust with a smile and a thumbs up was so sad 😭 seeing so many people die, and knowing that whoever didn't manage to evacuate out DIED was so tense. It looks like we'll get to see some focus on some of 1-A soon which will be nice! I lost it when the old woman tried to give Bakugou a treat alsdkjaldj I'm pretty sure she snuck it into his gauntlet when Uraraka was talking XD This was justa really good episode!!

Episode 4

A nice episode, but probably the one I've enjoyed the least so far. It was nice seeing Eraeserhead and Present Mic fighting, and it was sad when I realized unless they're somehow able to help Kurogiri, this will be the last and only mission that all three of them have worked on 😭
The part with Mirko was tense! With all the injuries she was getting, I was afraid she was going to die. Thankfully it seems she'll live, since Endeavor cauterized her wounds (Which, let's appreciate that while he was literally cauterizing her wounds, she did her best to focus on the mission, and asked if they had gotten to Shigaraki!).
Shigaraki's scene was cool! The animation for him this episode was 10/10. The way he fell, how his hair flowed in the weird mindspace(?) he was in, was so good. Him going into AFO... not so good D: I knew about that going in from spoilers, but still ouch. I'm still really hoping for a redemption arc for him.
When it showed his family holding onto him though 😭 All For One had turned his family's hands into something restraining him, he made them into a symbol for him. In this case though, it really felt like they were less restraining him, and more trying to pull him away from All For One.

Episode 3

I keep saying how great the episodes are, but they really are great lol. This episode was the best so far this season! I know it's only episode three, but the animation was top knotch, and things like the way Hawk's eyes glowed was 10/10. Basically everything about Twice was amazing too. I was so sad he died 😭 man I felt so conflicted, because I didn't want him to die, but at the same time I couldn't really root for him since he could instantly overwhelm and kill all the heroes if he had managed to escape. This episode really felt like a no-win scenario, but it was absolutely fantastic. They even changed the ED and included a shot of Toga and Twice, and then just Toga crying which just made me want to cry more. I'm really excited to watch this episode again, because even though it was really sad (Up there with Shigaraki's backstory for me), it was just so good.

Episode 2

Another great episode! It was really cool to see Mirko fighting the Nomu, she's so tough! Her arm though... man that got mangled in this episode. After Izuku's broken his arm so many times, I guess they knew we would be desensitized to it by now, and had to up the pain 😬
Kaminari really surprised me this episode! I hadn't really focused on him much, I was kind of "meh" about his character in general since he seems to join in with Mineta. He was really sweet this episode though, when it flashed back to him learning to play the guitar for Jirou! And also just him fighting for her. The episode ended really cool as well, with him facing off against the villain who also had an electric quirk! I can't quite remember, during the USJ arc did he also face off against someone with an electric quirk? Either way you can really see how he's grown, and how his fighting style has changed.

Episode 1

Great first episode! I'm really excited to see Komori on the frontlines! Her quirk is kind of overpowered, with being able to grow mushrooms on any surface. She's going to be able to take down a lot of villains in one go right at the start, which will be a great help.
Lots of set up, and not much recapping, which I'm grateful for! The fact that they directly showed Shinsou in the recap has me excited, I like his character and hope we get to see him this season, even if it's just for a split second like what happened in season four.
Doctor Gareki got some attention this episode, and it was really cool! Now we know what his quirk is, and a longevity quirk does make sense considering he works for AFO. It does make me wonder how long he's worked for him!
The whole thing with him though had me on the edge of my seat. I had feared that he and the rest of the Paranormal Liberation Army had known ahead of time about the attack, from like a leak, but he was very genuinely scared! He did have the double in place, but his original self was still very much surprised, as he still had all his supplies and quirks there at the hospital.

MHA and Avengers Comparisons

People fairly frequently compare Izuku to Iron Man, which I don't think is really accurate.

Izuku is very much inspired from Captain America, both starting out as physically weak, but with good hearts. The both then train and end up recieving super strength from someone they met by chance, who decided to choose them to give their power to.

In Japan they actually had an MHA themed ad for when Avengers: Endgame came out! It showed the MHA characters a little, but was mostly clips from the Avengers series. The whole time, Izuku is talking about the "heroes from the past", and one of his classmates remarks on how similar Izuku and Captain America are.

Mei Hastume would make for a fairly good comparison to Iron Man. While she does have a quirk, it's not combat focused. Her quirk, Zoom, allows her vision to "zoom in" up to five kilometers. She has a flavor for theatrics, as seen in the Sports Festival arc where instead of fighting in the final stage of the festival, she hacks into the sound system and spends the entire time giving a presentation for her "babies" AKA her inventions. She's shown to be very smart, and assertive. She's also ambitious, already planning to and putting work into creating her own support-company as a first-year high school student.

Fun fact! The kanji used in Mei's name, 発目明, are the kanji for invention, and eyes!

Thoughts on Twice

When he was a teen and made a mistake, his job found out and immediately fired him. That ended up being the turning point towards him becoming a villain.

Later on he makes a mistake with the LoV by bringing Chiaski to meet them, before vetting him out, which resulted in Magne being killed.

The league's reaction? Not to blame Twice, but instead they take more precautions and regroup (Also plan for revenge, they are villains after all). Not even Toga, who was very affected by Magne's death, really blamed him. In fact, she ends up becoming close friends with Twice!

If only Twice had had people supporting him before he turned to villainy, I think his life would have been very different :(