The Truman Show

The Truman Show is such a good movie.

The attention to detail throughout the entire movie is just amazing!

  • Marlon stocking the vending machine while talking to Truman, but then quickly taking them out when Truman’s not looking.
  • Truman needing to take vitamins because he’s never been in the sun.
  • All the funky camera angles, and how Meryl frequently smiles directly at them.
  • The way all the “background characters” just act so plain weird! When Truman starts to realize something’s up, and steps out of his routine, they all continue playing their parts even though in reality people would stare at the man running and shouting! If someone driving almost ran into someone who was being careless, they would hop out of the car and go "What are you doing!" People would grumble and complain that the bus wasn’t working, not quickly get off the bus as if they were waiting for the announcement!
  • The lack of headrests in the vehicles so they can get better camera angles.
  • The way everything is just too crisp, and clean to be real.