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March 20th 2023

We recently hatched a bunch of baby chicks!! They're so adorable. I was able to get a video of one of them hatching from their egg! Trying to upload the video doesn't seem to be working the way I'm trying it, so I might have to add that later.

March 6th 2023

Not a lot going on, but I'm working on different projects! I'm really sad about there only being three more episodes of season 6 of My Hero Academia 😥

February 13th 2023

I didn't play OoT for a bit, but I've picked it back up and have now collected all three stones! Link is now an adult and can reach the tallest shelf, and I won Epona from Igno :D Seeing the market in the future is so depressing. Everything's in ruins, and there's just those husks left :(
Still loving MHA season 6! It's so good!!
Still learning new songs on my ukulele. I can now play Zelda's Lullaby, The Great Fairy Fountain, the Mii channel theme, the beginning of Hedwig's theme, and today I started working on "You say" from MHA

February 4th 2023

Been working on learning Javascript, and I still have a long way to go. But! I can now do this:

January 30th 2023

So far I've finished the first two dungeons in OoT, and I really like it! Probably going to play later today and try to get to the Zora's domain. I'm learning how to play the Great Fairy Fountain's song, and I'm really excited for Tears of the Kingdom to come out :)
I also remembered Princess Tutu exists, so I might be making a page for that soon. I really really love that show, despite it's silly name.

January 23rd 2023

I've worked on different pages, but haven't updated this in a while, oops! Still working on Javascript, and I've learned some songs on my ukulele! I can play Zelda's Lullaby, and part of Hedwigs theme.
I also got Ocarina of Time 3D, and I'm playing that for the first time! I'm very excited, and so far it's been fun :)

December 27th 2022

I haven't written anything here, but I have been making updates! I think I've gotten rid of the status box on every page except for this one. And while I haven't been adding my initial thoughts for the new My Hero Academia epiosdes lately, I'm still watching them and still loving them!

November 21st 2022

Watched Disenchanted today! It was good, although I wish they had changed to animation after Giselle made the wish, I think it would have fit better. But it was a very nice movie!
Last week I was pretty unproductive, but I think this coming week I'll be getting back into the swing of things!

November 7th 2022

Feeling kind of lazy today. Still updating this though! I'm finally working on the status box on the left, I originally wanted it on every page, but then I realized I would have to update it on each individual page, which would be a pain. So I'm only going to have it on this page, and I'm going to take the empty version off of the other pages over time.
Got a new succulent today! It's small, but hopefully I can get to it grow like my other one! :D

October 31st 2022

Happy Halloween! Today was fun, I dressed up as Wednesday Addams and had a nice time grocery shopping with my mom.

Pages updated: index, MHA page.

October 10th 2022

Did a bit of tweaking to this page! I added some backgrounds to the dates to help seperate the posts, and redid the scroll box so I actually know how it works! I still haven't made enough entries yet for there to be anything to scroll, but it's there. Still haven't figured out how I want to get my status box on the left to work, so that's going to remain blank for now. I'd rather not have to manually change it on every single page, but I'm not really seeing how I could streamline it. I might just have it set as my status box on this page, and then have something else on the other pages that I wouldn't update as often.

September 26th 2022

I'm so excited for season 6 of My Hero Academia to come out this Saturday!! We're also getting more Spy x Family starting on the same day, and I'm excited for that too!

September 5th 2022

Been learning more about HTML, so that's good! I still need to look into javascript so I can make the status box on the side work how I want it to, but I think I'm going to wait a bit to do that. Right now I'm focusing on HTML and CSS.

August 8th 2022

I finally found out how to get this little scolling text box on my page!
I'm really happy with how my website's looking so far, I there's still some more things I want to figure out how to add, and I want to make it look a bit better, but overall I'm happy with it :)